Saturn коды ошибок OBD 2

Специальные OEM коды

P1106MAP Sensor Circuit Voltage Out Of Range, High
P1107MAP Sensor Circuit Voltage Out Of Range, Low
P1111IAT Sensor Circuit Temperature Out Of Range, Low
P1112IAT Sensor Circuit Temperature Out Of Range, High
P1114ECT Sensor Circuit Temperature Out Of Range High
P1115ECT Sensor Circuit Temperature Out Of Range LOW
P1121Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Voltage Out Of Range, High
P1122Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Voltage Out Of Range, Low
P1133O2 Sensor Too Few Switches
P1134O2S Rich-Lean & Lean-Rich Ration Error
P1136CKP System Variation Not Learned
P1137O2S System Monitor Lean Or Low Voltage
P1138O2S System Monitor Rich Or High Voltage
P1171Fuel System Lean During Acceleration
P1215Generic Field Driver Detected A Fault
P1245Intake Plenum Switchover Valve
P1336Crankshaft Notch Adaptive Not Learned
P1351IC Circuits 1 & 4 malfunction Or Shorted (1995-97)
P1380ABS Circuits Faults (1998-99)
P1403EGR Solenoid Control Circuit Low Voltage
P1404EGR Closed Position Error (1997)
P1406EGR Pintle Position Error
P1418Secondary AIR System Relay Control Circuit High
P1441EVAP Canister Purge Valve Leak
P1480Cooling Fan Relay Control Circuit High
P1508IAC Stuck Closed / Open
P1509IAC Stuck Open
P1510Throttle Control System
P1511Throttle Control System
P1516Command V Actual Throttle Position Correlation Error
P1519Throttle Actual Control Module
P1523Throttle Return Performance
P1526TP Sensor Learn Not Done After Reprogramming
P1530Throttle Control System
P1555EVO Circuit Fault
P1580Speed Control Move Circuit Voltage Low
P1581Speed Control Move Circuit Voltage High
P1582Speed Control Direction Circuit Voltage Low
P1583Speed Control Direction Circuit Voltage High
P1584Speed Control Disabled
P1587Speed Control Clutch Control Circuit Low
P1588Speed Control Clutch Control Circuit High
P1599Engine Stall Detected
P1601PCM / Serial Data Error
P1602ABS Message Fault
P1620Coolant Level Low
P1621PCM / Memory Data / Serial Data Error
P1623Transaxle Temperature Sensor Pull-Up Resistor Fault
P1624Customer Snap-Shot Data Available
P1625PCM Checksum Transaxle Memory Error
P1626Loss Of Communication With VTD
P1627PCM/EC A/D Fault
P1628PCM ECT Pull Up Resistor Fault
P1630Theft Deterrent System PCM in Learn Mode
P1631Theft Deterrent System Password Incorrect
P1632Theft Deterrent System Fuel Disabled
P1635Five Volt Reference Error Circuits High Or Low (1997-2000)
P1637Alternator L Circuit Low Input
P1639A/D Failure TCM DTC (1996) TCM A/D Signal Fault (1997-98)
P1640Low Coolant/Hot/ATF Temperature Lamp Circuit Fault
P1641Quad Drive A Quick Set Detected A Fault
P1650Cooing Fan Relay Circuit Fault
P1651Quad Driver Module B Quick Set Detected A Fault
P1660TCM GFD Fault
P1669ABS Unit Expected P1780 MIL
P1670Quad Driver Module C Fault
P1671Quad Driver Module C Fault
P1691Coolant Gauge Circuit Fault
P1693Tachometer Circuit Fault
P1694Speedometer / Odometer Circuit
P1695RKE Circuit Low (1997-99)
P1845Torque Limit Management