Fiat коды ошибок OBD 2

Специальные OEM коды

Код Расшифровка
P1001 CAN line
P1003 Ext. influence on quantity
P1101 Barometer pressure
P1105 Altitude sensor
P1106 Boost pressure sensor
P1107 Spirl solenoid
P1108 Electric fan - assembly 1
P1109 Electric fan - assembly 2
P1110 A/C control break off
P1112 Control fuel pressure
P1118 Diesel pressure control
P1121 Throttle position potentiometer 1 [signal implausible]
P1122 Throttle position sensor [signal implausible]
P1132 Fuel rail pressure
P1133 Lambda 1 signal above catal.(deviated)
P1135 In position 3 piston
P1138 Diesel pressure circuit
P1141 Worheiwid. 1 below
P1153 Lambda 2 signal above catal.(deviated)
P1155 Preheating resistance 2 above catal.
P1169 Voltage condition 1
P1170 Mixture ratio [Minimum lean fuel]
P1171 Self adaptive parameter DTV
P1172 Mixture 1 stength (multiplicative)
P1173 Mixture 1 stength (additive)
P1175 Mixture 2 stength (multiplicative)
P1176 Mixture 2 stength (additive)
P1177 Mixture 1 stength (multiplicative)
P1178 Mixture 2 stength (multiplicative)
P1220 Throttle position [signal implausible]
P1221 Accelerator potent. track 1
P1222 Accelerator potent. track 2
P1226 Accelerator pedal movement
P1300 Relais pre/after heating
P1301 Classification injector
P1314 Vertical acc.
P1320 Synchronise Pulse/RPM
P1325 Circuit detonation value
P1326 Knock control
P1336 Torque control(request)
P1337 Torque control(comparision)
P1402 Flap
P1403 Additional heating
P1404 Circuit TL4226
P1408 Coolant heating circuit
P1421 Catalytic converter 1 temperature
P1425 Catalytic converter 2 temperature
P1429 Pressure sensor discharging
P1435 Additve addition system
P1446 Additive
P1448 Particle filter (FAP)
P1451 Intake air heater control
P1458 Water valve
P1481 Fan control
P1504 Input key
P1511 Battery voltage below sensing
P1512 Driver minute block
P1513 Idle speed regulator
P1514 MIL [signal implaus
P1519 Cooler control unit
P1521 Contact voltage supply
P1529 Clutch switch
P1531 A/C compressor relay
P1536 ESP system
P1555 Brake/Accelerate signal implausible
P1565 Cruise control level line
P1601 Cruise control switch off
P1602 A/D converter
P1603 Control Unit Power Supply
P1604 Main relay
P1606 Diagnostic lamp
P1608 Coolant temperature warning lamp
P1612 Fuel filter heater relay
P1613 Fuel contain water
P1614 Battery voltage sensor
P1620 Error in ECU gas [Error]
P1653 Camshaft position (phase) regulation
P1654 Control module malfunction
P1655 Control module malfunction
P1664 Repeat throttle angle [over max. value]
P1671 Diesel pressure regulation
P1672 Control module memory
P1673 Voltage condition 1
P1674 Voltage condition 2
P1680 Motorised throttle(spring)
P1681 Motorised throttle(spring)
P1682 Motorised throttle
P1683 Motorised throttle(recovery)
P1684 Motorised throttle(plausibility)
P1685 Motorised throttle(without learn)
P1686 Motorised throttle(1st idle
P1687 Motorised throttle(stop learn)
P1688 Motorised throttle(2nd idle learn)
P1689 Motorised throttle(self-compensation)
P1690 Safety cut-off
P1691 Secure breakdown
P1702 Connector lamp from A/T
P1703 Engine shut-down from aut. gearbox
P1704 Auto transmission
P1705 Auto transmission RPM Regulation
P1706 Throttle signal
P1707 Pulley check
P1708 Secondary pressure check
P1709 Chutch check
P1710 Brake Switch
P1711 Key lock solenoid
P1712 Lever Release solenoid
P1713 Neutral Signal to engine ECU
P1722 Idle Increase Signal to Engine ECU